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Surname Other Names Period Area/District/City State Country
FRANKLIN Henry 1828 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Valda
  • Additional Information : Henry FRANKLIN - Could be a brother of Elizabeth Franklin born abt 1835 Campbelltown.
GEOGHEGAN/GEAGHAN William/Kate/Bridget 1850+ Camden NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Tanya
  • Additional Information : GEOGHEGAN/GEAGHAN FAMILY - Immigrated from Ireland to Sydney and settled in the Camden/Campbelltown area. Had 5-6 children whilst there.
HAMMOND James 1868 Sydney NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Gina
  • Additional Information : James Hammond married Frances Tully 1842 in Goulburn NSW. From Grabben Gullen they moved to property between Gundagai & Cootamundra and then eventually with their remaining children moved into S.W. QLD. For a list of children see
HERRING William Diogenes 1838 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Gloria
  • Additional Information : William HERRING - Am researching my late husbands forebears and have learned he is connected to Tyson family through his g. g. grandmother Barbara Tyson daughter of William and Isabella (Coulson) Tyson. Barbara married Wm. Diogenes Herring at St. Peter's Campbelltown in 1838. He was a convict and I have much to learn about him and the Tyson family. My search for Wm Diogenes Herring is not helped by the fact that there was another convict Diogenes Herring. There are too many death registrations for William so need to find him some other way before I have lookups done. The marriage entry at St. Peter's gave no age or parents names. Wm. Diogenes was 26 when he arrived in Australia in 1834. Diogenes Herring was 17 when he arrived in 1829. Which one belongs to my husband's tree? Is anyone else researching this family?
HILDEBRAND Thomas 1891 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Tracie
  • Additional Information :
HUGHES George Albert 1840-1890 Appin/Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Jan
  • Additional Information : George Albert HUGHES - was the publican at the original Appin Pub the 'Appin Inn'.
JACKSON Walter John 1842 Cootamundra/Goulburn Plains NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Jill
  • Additional Information : Walter John JACKSON - I have the birth certificate for Walter. His father's name is John Dettmer Dodds JACKSON age 27. Mother Marion Jane DICK.
JAMES Mary 1833 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Bruce
  • Additional Information : Mary JAMES - Mary James was born in 1833 in Campbelltown N.S.W. Aust in 1833 - first marriage was to Matthew Thomas - b: 1790 - d: 1868 under the name Mary James m: 1850 in the Bathurst District - The second marriage was to John Harvey - b: 1818 - d: 1912 - m: 1873 - 2nd marriage was under the name Susan Ann Thomas in 1873 In the Oberon District- died as Susan Jane Harvey in 1895 in Oberon N.S.W. Aust at the age of 62 - Informant on Death Certificate was Robert Adamson - My Great Grand Father.
JONES Robert 1856+ Liverpool/Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Kerrie
  • Additional Information : Robert Jones - married Catherine Murray in Adelaide SA in 1856. They came to NSW about 1858 first living at Paddington then at Liverpool. Robert Jones was a Police Constable and around the 1880's moved to Campbelltown.
KEATING John 1890+ Ingleburn NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Ashley
  • Additional Information : John KEATING - Moved to Ingleburn region from Nymagee. There may have been another John Keating in the Ingleburn/Minto region. May have been related to Barney (Bernard) Keating. My John's wife was Catherine Anne nee Walker.
KELLY Mary Ann 1856 - 1861 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Dafydd Cotter
  • Additional Information : I’m trying to find information regarding my great grandmother’s family. She was Mary Ann Kelly who was born in Campbelltown sometime between 1856 and 1861. Confusion over the dates of her birth comes about as her death record states that she was 65 years of age when she died in 1926, meaning that she was born around 1861, yet her death certificate also says that she was a 20 year old bride when she married in 1876, therefore placing her year of birth to 1856.

    She was a daughter of a John and Mary Ann Kelly, nee Kerasen. There is no record of their marriage in New South Wales, so I assume that they arrived as immigrants from Ireland. The family moved to the Bendenine Estate near Binalong at some time when that was opened to selectors (1860’s – 1870’s?). My great-grandfather (Edward Cotter) also had a selection there, so I assume that’s where he met Mary Ann Kelly, they married in Yass.
MACKAY/COATES Ann 1941 Liverpool/Minto NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Tracey
  • Additional Information : MACKAY/COATES - Ann lived in an orphange and possibly of Aboriginal decent. Maybe had a brother called Maurice. She was born in Feb 1941.
MANNIX William 1810-45 Narellan (Upper Minto) NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Lois
MCELWAINE Hannah 1858 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Steph
  • Additional Information : Hannah MCELWAINE - Hannah McElwaine (b 1842 ARM IRL) came to AUS 1858. She married Michael Curran (b.1825 CLA IRL) @ Campbelltown in 1860. Her father was Teague McElwaine and her mother Nancy Peoples
MCKEON John 1809 Campbelltown/Airds NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Tony
  • Additional Information : MCKEON John - Arrived as a convict aboard the "Atlas II". Married Sarah Short (nee Kelly). Grantee of land in the parishes of Menangle and St Peter's.
MONK 1870 Campbelltown/Bowral NSW AUS Details
MOON John 1822 Appin NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Janette
  • Additional Information : John MOON - was transported on 'John Barry' 26 September 1819 and married Sarah McDonald born in the colony 1822. They had 6 children who married into the Dwyer; Kelly; Fahey; Sheil and Eagles families. The Fahey; Sheil and Eagles families were all settlers of Appin and Campbelltown area
MOORE Patrick 1835 Appin NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Robin
  • Contact person : Jane Happell
  • Additional Information : Son of William Muckle
    Born Scotland about 1795 married Hannah knightly at St Andrews Sydney.
    Nephew of John Dickson of the steam engine.
    His daughter married Arthur Percival
MUCKLE George 1830 Minto/Goulburn CON ENG Details
  • Contact person : Jane
  • Additional Information : George MUCKLE - George was the nephew of John Dickson who brought the first steam engine to NSW. George arrived in 1821 and owned property at Minto. He was still alive in 1843 but seemed to disappear after that. A George Muckle (labourer) died in the Co of Goulburn in 1853. Perhaps he fell on hard times