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Surname Other Names Period Area/District/City State Country
CREGO John 1857 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Katelyn
  • Additional Information : Elizabeth STEPHENSON - I have an interest in the old hotels around 1857 in Campbelltown. I have an ancestor Elizabeth Stephenson who married John Grego in Campbelltown. Elizabeth was a publican of one of the towns hotels. She was a widow when she married so the original lease may be in the first husbands name (name unknown). Does anyone have an interest in historical hotels?
CURRAN Michael and Hannah 1857 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Steph
  • Additional Information : Michael and Hannah CURRAN - Michael Curran (b1825 CLA IRL) came to AUS 1857. Married Hannah McElwaine (b1842 ARM IRL). I think Currans Hill was named after them. Their oldest daughter Elizabeth (Bridget) (b1861 Campbelltown) married 1882 @ Campbelltown to William Morgan(b1860 SCT).
DAVIDSON Samuel 1846-97 Hobby's Yards NSW Australia Details
DAVIS William Henry 1850 Campbelltown NSW AUSTRALIA Details
  • Contact person : Robyn Toohey
  • Additional Information : My great grandfather William Henry Davis was born in 1850 at Campbelltown. His father was Thomas John Davis and his mother was Jane Dempsey. My great grandfather later lived in Gundagai from 1874 - 1880 and he married Mary Quinn in the Tumut Catholic Church in August 1874.
DAVIS William 1815 Parramatta NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : David
  • Additional Information : William DAVIS:He married Mary Geer at St Johns Parramatta 17-03-1815. I would like to know if he was the William Davis who was transported on the Royal Admiral.
DAWSON John & Mary 1854 Campbelltown/Glen Alpine NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Lorraine
  • Additional Information : DAWSON - Mary nee Hennessy and 3 sons Andrew; David & John all lived in the area.
DAWSON Muriel Georgina 1890 Killinchy NZ Details
DEANS Annie Stobo 1920 Buried in Presbyterian Cemetery East Maitland NSW AUS Details
DOUGLAS William 1838 Hawkesbury NSW AUS Details
DUFF Peter and Elizabeth 1808 Windsor NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Jan
  • Additional Information : Redcoat soldier
DWYER Martin 1838 Camden/Picton NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Helen
  • Additional Information : Martin DWYER of Tipperary transported 1838 on the Westmoreland. ToL for Camden amended 1843 for Picton. Wife Ann Kelly/Kirwin transported 1839 on Margaret 2. Two children born in Ireland; two at Appin; three at Murrumbidgee. Martin died Tumut 1880 aged 72. Interested in hearing from descendants.
DYER John b1850 Sydney NSW AUS Details
ELLIOTT Joshua Wellington 1884 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Patricia
  • Additional Information : Joshua Wellington ELLIOTT - married Sarah SALES at Camden in 1884. Their children Gertrude C; Ethel May; Violet J; Joshua Wellington and William J were all born Camden or Campbelltown. Sarah SALES dau. of William & Jane SALES born Penrith 1865.
EMMETT Susannah before 1946 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
ENFIELD Michael 1858+ Redfern NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Esma
FARRELL Thomas/Ellen 1840/93 Queanbeyan NSW AUS Details
FAWCETT Christopher 1820+ Airds NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Sheryl
  • Additional Information : Christopher FAWCETT - Colonial Secretary Index 1788-1825; FAWCETT Christopher. Of Airds 1822 Apr 2 -Application for labourers; appears as Faucet (Reel 6054; 4/1758 p.21a-b). 1822 Jul 24- Convicts landed from "Guildford" assigned to at Airds (Reel 6009; 4/3506 p.75[i]). 1822 Jul 24 - On list of persons receiving an assigned convict listed as Charles Fawell & Fawett (Fiche 3290 4/4570D pp.28 79).1823 Feb 17 - On return of fines imposed by the Magistrates at Campbelltown on persons violating Government orders (Reel 6060; 4/1777 p.247)
FEENEY James 1876 Hulme/Manchester LAN ENG Details
FELTHAM Maria 1838+ Homebush/Enfield NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Esma
FINNEY Annie 1880 Rockhampton NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Robin