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Surname Other Names Period Area/District/City State Country
BROWN William Julius 1866 Macquarie Fields NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Peter Stewart
  • Additional Information : William Julius BROWN - was born at Fordham Cambridgeshire ENG in 1830 and arrived in Australia on the Plantagenet in 1857. William married Elizabeth Stutt in 1866 at Scots Presbyterian Church Sydney and he died in July 1907 at Marrickville
BUDDEN William 1838+ Muswellbrook NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Esma
BUGGY Loughlin & Michael 1856 Campbelltown/Liverpool NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Mark
  • Additional Information : LOUGHLIN BUGGY - M. Ann Crow at Campbelltown in 1846 Ann born in Sydney 1815 father George Crow; mother Lititia. Loughlin was one of two Irish brothers who arrived in 1844 free & assisted Passage; other brother was Micheal. Family lived in the Campbelltown & Cobbity areas
Bullimore 1880-1950 Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire England Details
BURSILL William 1800 Campbelltown NSW AUSTRALIA Details
  • Contact person : Brenda Inglis Powell
  • Additional Information : I am particularly interested in William and Hanna Bursill's daughter Charlotte Bursill who married Edward Bayliss (in Rylestone New South Wales). Charlotte had a daughter Ruth.
BYRNE Hugh Vesty any Campbelltown and Yass NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Helen
  • Additional Information :
CAMPBELL Henry 1833 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Cathy
  • Additional Information : Henry CAMPBELL - Henry's death certificate states that he was born in Campbelltown 1833 father James (Hotel Keeper) and mother Mary Shaw. Henry then turns up in Inverell in 1861 to marry. I can't find anything between 1833 and 1861.
CHEERS Richard 1790 Sydney NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Jan
  • Additional Information : 2nd Fleet convict. Hotelier at the Rocks and George Street
CHRISTIAN James Peter 1840 Svendborg DEN Details
  • Contact person : Linda
  • Additional Information : CHRISTIAN - James Peter - I know what happened after he settled in Australia in the 1860's but not before.
CLIFFORD 1834-1842 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : tom robinson
  • Additional Information : Searching CLUNIE with connections to BEVERIDGE, LITSTER(LISTER), HAIG, SCOTT,MUIRE(MUIR),
COATS Ann 1940 Paddington NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Tracy
COLLINS Edmund (Ned) 1844 to 1851 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Chris Sutton
  • Additional Information : I am trying to track down the existence of a bakery in Campbelltown between 1844 and 1851. Our ancestor Edmund, known in town as Ned Collins, baker, lived with his wife Catherine and their children in Campbelltown in that period. Ned left with William Bursill for the Goldfields in May 1851. “The party included Ned Collins, Jack Haray, William Williams, Bursill snr, Wm Bursill and a lad of 15 years to mind camp and cook.” William A. Bayley, History of Campbelltown NSW. We have a mystery in that we have no idea how Ned, who was a convict, came to move from Wollongong to Campbelltown and take up work as a baker, which was his apprenticeship when he was convicted for highway robbery and sentenced to 14 years transportation. He received his Ticket of leave in 1844 and was permitted to move to Campbelltown but we cannot find a reason why.
COLLINS Emma 1864 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
COLLINS (nee Brogan) Catherine 1844 to 1851 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Chris Sutton
  • Additional Information : Refer: Collins, Edmund (Ned)
CONNOR Henry Abt 1825 Camden NSW AUSTRALIA Details
  • Contact person : Karen Parker
  • Additional Information : I am looking for information about my GGrandfather, Henry Connor, born abt 1825-6, Camden, New South Wales. He lists his father as James Connor and mother as Elizabeth on his children's BC's. There does not appear to be any birth or baptismal record under his name. He first appears in offical recrods in Howlong, NSW, where he is a 'carrier' and appears to marry Elizabeth Atkins (born Essex, England) in Oct 1856 in Albury (no record can be found for this). They proceed to have a number of children and eventually Henry dies of lung disease in Albury Hosptial in 1867. I have spent hundreds of hours searching for clues for the early life of Henry. If anyone has even the tiniest clue I would appreciate it. There appears to be Connors in the Campbelltown area at the time, but I do have not links between my Henry and them, though it is possible there are links.
CONNOR Mary 1850 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Marianne
  • Additional Information : Mary CONNOR - arrived on the barque Emigrant to Moreton Bay in 1850 and was listed as having an uncle at Campbelltown. She married Martin Payten in 1852 in St John's Catholic Church. We are looking for her extended family named Connor(s) or O'Connor.
COOK William and Jane 1842+ Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Liz
  • Additional Information :
CORE James Jr 1820 Prospect NSW AUS Details
COWING William 1880 Balmain NSW AUS Details
  • Contact person : Robin