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Surname Other Names Period Area/District/City State Country
BAILIE Kathleen Present Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
BAMFORD Charles & Ann 1842 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
BELL Peter 1917 Cumungerie NSW AUS Details
  • Visitors Name : Bill
  • Contact Details : [email protected]
  • Additional Information : Peter BELL - Information on my GG Uncle taken from gravestone in Scotland. Unsure of spelling...Cumungerie: or Cumunderie NSW - Died 14th March 1917 Aged 62 yrs.Would be grateful for any information re spouse or children
BENDALL Rebecca 1857 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
BLAKE Dr Isidore Maurice any Campbelltown and Yass NSW AUS Details
BLINMAN Charles 1815 Glenfield NSW AUS Details
  • Visitors Name : Bernard
  • Contact Details : [email protected]
  • Additional Information : Charles BLINMAN - convict arrived 15 April 1815 on `Indefatigable' and had 5 children to Margaret Day nee Mansfield. The children married into the Lantry; Meredith and Fry families.
BOCKING James 1850+ Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Visitors Name : Helen
  • Contact Details : [email protected]
  • Additional Information : James BOCKING - and his brother William (who settled in Gundagai) were born in Brancaster Norfolk England. I do not know when they arrived in Australia but James married Mary Charlotte Robinson in Sydney in 1860. William married Sarah J. Cullen in Gundagai in 1865. He formed a construction company 'Bocking and Hammond' and they were responsible for building the old wooden bridge at Gundagai and another one at Tumut. I have been in touch with his gt. grandson Ray W. Jenkins. I would be interested to correspond with any other descendants of either brother. I'm particularly interested in discovering when they arrived in Australia.
BOWICK Sarah 1833 Campbelltown/Appin NSW AUS Details
  • Visitors Name : John
  • Contact Details : [email protected]
  • Additional Information : Sarah BOWICK - married John Westgarth 27th November 1833 in St Peters Campbelltown. The witnesses where John & Mary Ann Frost of Airds. The marriage was performed by Thomas Reddall.
BOWMAN William 1857 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
BRENNAN Patrick John 1827 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Visitors Name : Narelle
  • Contact Details : [email protected]
  • Additional Information : Patrick John BRENNAN: I am looking for living decendants of Patrick John Brennan and Mary Ann Anlezark (married 1856) to correspond information and photo's.
BRITON/BRITTON William & Charlotte 1800 Airds NSW AUS Details
  • Visitors Name : Judy
  • Contact Details : [email protected]
  • Additional Information : William & Charlotte BRITON/BRITTON - Both buried at St. Peter's C of E Churchyard. Charlotte was nee SUTTON and could be from the Airds area. William came on the 3rd Fleet.
BROOKER William 1815+ Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Visitors Name : Jenny
  • Contact Details : [email protected]
  • Additional Information : William BROOKER - William was born n Norfolk Island 10th December 1796. He was the son of Mary Wade. William married Sophia Mitton 10 February 1817. Sophia was the daughter of John Mitton and Catherine Lahey. William and Sophia moved to the Wagga area around the 1860's.
BUGGY Loughlin & Michael 1856 Campbelltown/Liverpool NSW AUS Details
  • Visitors Name : Mark
  • Contact Details : [email protected]
  • Additional Information : LOUGHLIN BUGGY - M. Ann Crow at Campbelltown in 1846 Ann born in Sydney 1815 father George Crow; mother Lititia. Loughlin was one of two Irish brothers who arrived in 1844 free & assisted Passage; other brother was Micheal. Family lived in the Campbelltown & Cobbity areas
BYRNE Hugh Vesty any Campbelltown and Yass NSW AUS Details
CAMPBELL Henry 1833 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Visitors Name : Cathy
  • Contact Details : [email protected]
  • Additional Information : Henry CAMPBELL - Henry's death certificate states that he was born in Campbelltown 1833 father James (Hotel Keeper) and mother Mary Shaw. Henry then turns up in Inverell in 1861 to marry. I can't find anything between 1833 and 1861.
CHRISTIAN James Peter 1840 Svendborg DEN Details
  • Visitors Name : Linda
  • Contact Details : [email protected]
  • Additional Information : CHRISTIAN - James Peter - I know what happened after he settled in Australia in the 1860's but not before.
CLIFFORD 1834-1842 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
COATS Ann 1940 Paddington NSW AUS Details
COLLINS Edmund (Ned) 1844 to 1851 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Visitors Name : Chris Sutton
  • Contact Details : [email protected]
  • Additional Information : I am trying to track down the existence of a bakery in Campbelltown between 1844 and 1851. Our ancestor Edmund, known in town as Ned Collins, baker, lived with his wife Catherine and their children in Campbelltown in that period. Ned left with William Bursill for the Goldfields in May 1851. “The party included Ned Collins, Jack Haray, William Williams, Bursill snr, Wm Bursill and a lad of 15 years to mind camp and cook.” William A. Bayley, History of Campbelltown NSW. We have a mystery in that we have no idea how Ned, who was a convict, came to move from Wollongong to Campbelltown and take up work as a baker, which was his apprenticeship when he was convicted for highway robbery and sentenced to 14 years transportation. He received his Ticket of leave in 1844 and was permitted to move to Campbelltown but we cannot find a reason why.
COLLINS (nee Brogan) Catherine 1844 to 1851 Campbelltown NSW AUS Details
  • Visitors Name : Chris Sutton
  • Contact Details : [email protected]
  • Additional Information : Refer: Collins, Edmund (Ned)