Research Guides - General

Citing historical sources. A manual for family historians. By Noeline KyleBookSHLF
Cracking the code of old handwriting. By Graham JaunayBookSHLF
DNA for genealogists. 2nd Edition. By Kerry FarmerBookSHLF
Death Certificates and archaic medical terms. By Helen V. SmithBookSHLF
Family History on the Cheap. By Shauna HicksBookSHLF
Family history trippn'. A guide to planning a genealogy research trip. By Thomas MacenteeBookSHLF
Guide to Wolfram / Alpha for genealogy and family history research. By Thomas MacenteeBookSHLF
Organising a Family Reunion. By Lesle BerryBookSHLF
Pinning your family history. By Thomas MacenteeBookSHLF
So you are totally new to Family Tree Maker. 2nd Edition. By John DonaldsonBookSHLF
Social Media for Family Historians. 2nd Edition. By Carole RileyBookSHLF

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