Presidents Report

Robert PalmerRobert Palmer
President 2017-2020

Hello Members.

On the 3rd August our society celebrated its 30th Anniversary in the grounds of Glenalvon House.

It was a perfect day had by all.

We had two visitors who joined us in our celebration they were Campbelltown Councillor Meg Oates and Community Learn and Library Services Leader Paula Pfoeffer and we took that time to thank Campbelltown Council and Campbelltown Library for making available to us the facilities where we can conduct our meetings. Also our appreciation to the Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society for making this venue available to us.

The Campbelltown District Family History Society was founded on 1st August 1989 following several meetings of those interested in researching their family’s history. Our Founding President was Kevin Wall.

The Society began with a small number of interested members and has now grown to a membership of around 100.

18 members regularly volunteer each month at the library to assist anyone in their search to discover their family roots.

I want to thank all the executive and committee members who for many years have volunteered their time and expertise to make this an interesting and growing society.

We were also honoured with the presence of some of our past Presidents they were:

William (Bill) Carter    

Michael Murphy        

Peter Stewart 

Denise Baxter

Ann Tribolet


This year 5 members were nominated to receive a Meritorious Award for their services to the Society and Meg Oates did the honours and presented these awards. The five members are;

June Vercoe

William Carter

Pam Shea

Denise Baxter

Michael Murphy

I finish my speech with a poem written by Laura Taylor Mark entitled


Whether a family is bound together or scattered far apart,
Loved ones from the past and present are always in our heart.
Legacies of love and pride are passed down through the years,
Journals kept of triumphs, tragedies, and tears.
Tales of great joy, sacrifice, and sorrow can be found,
Character traits, personalities, and likenesses abound.
Families give us history; roots tied to our past
And a heritage that’s honored is one that’s sure to last.

Best Regards,

Robert Palmer.
CDFHS Presidnet