Presidents Report

Robert PalmerRobert Palmer
President 2017-2023

Last year was a very up and down year for all of us including our society, with our meetings being on and then off with no assurance on when we could be back to normal business.

Last December we had our Christmas get-together, enjoyed by all who attended, to see the year out and hoping that this year will be different.

This month we are having our AGM which was differed from last August and wish to thank all members of the Committee for everything each member has done to keep this Society together over the last two years.

My thanks go to Mick Murphy, David Beddie and Greg Dillon for the time and effort they put in to update our Constitution and by-Laws. I would also like to express my thanks to David Beddie for his work in keeping us all up to date with the information he provides in "The Ghost" newsletter each month and the articles in the "GhostBuster" magazine.

This year we are hoping to restart some courses the first being "Beginning your family history search.

Our thanks to the Campbelltown Historical Society for allowing us to use their facilities at Glenalvon House, when the library meeting room was not available.

From the 7th February 2022 our Volunteers will be back at the library to assist anyone who would like help in searching their family history.

We, the committee, are hoping that this year the society will get back to pre2020 normality.

Robert Palmer
CDFHS President