Journal Exchange

The Campbelltown District Family History Society exchanges journals with the following Societies.

As some Societies make their journals available on their websites it is suggested that those websites be visited for journals that you may have missed.

Journals held by CDFHS can be found on the top of the 1st cupboards in the Family History Room.  



The Valley Genealogist (A4)
Blayney Diggings (A5)
The Explorers Tree (A5)
Bridges & Branches (A5)
The Patrick Plains Gazette (A4)
Lachlan Valley Gold (A5)
The Gympie Researcher (A4)
Hurstville Genealogist (A4)
Illawarra Branches (A4)
Voices from the Past (A4)
Lithgow Pioneer Press (A4)
Links 'N' Chains (A5)
Maitland Reminiscences (A4)
Pigeon House Tidings (A4)
Monumentally Speaking (A4)
The Parramatta Packet (A4)
Unlocked (A4)
The Tamworth Family Historian (A4)
The Ryde Recorder (A4)
Tree of Life (A5)